portfolio 4

Project Overview: PeroWorx Engineering partnered with a marine technology company for Hydrofoil Product Development designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of watercraft. This project involved end-to-end product development, from initial concept design to final prototyping and testing.


  • Designing a hydrofoil with optimal lift and drag characteristics to improve watercraft speed and stability.
  • Ensuring the hydrofoil was lightweight yet durable, capable of withstanding harsh marine environments.
  • Integrating advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to achieve the desired performance and reliability.


  • Conducted extensive research and simulations to determine the ideal hydrofoil shape and specifications.
  • Utilized advanced CAD software to create detailed 3D models of the hydrofoil, allowing for precise analysis and refinement.
  • Collaborated with material scientists to select high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials suitable for marine use.
  • Developed and tested multiple prototypes, using rapid prototyping techniques to quickly iterate and optimize the design.
  • Performed rigorous on-water testing to validate the hydrofoil’s performance under real-world conditions.

Outcome: The final hydrofoil design significantly improved the watercraft’s speed, stability, and fuel efficiency. The innovative use of materials and cutting-edge design techniques resulted in a product that met all client expectations and industry standards. This project demonstrated PeroWorx Engineering’s ability to deliver comprehensive, high-performance product development solutions in the marine technology sector.

Client Feedback: “PeroWorx Engineering played a crucial role in the successful development of our hydrofoil. Their expertise in CAD modeling, materials selection, and prototyping was evident throughout the project. The final product surpassed our performance targets, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Highly professional and responsive team!”

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