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Project Overview: PeroWorx Engineering was tasked with reverse engineering a complex gear for a leading manufacturing client. The goal was to create an accurate 3D CAD model from an existing physical part to facilitate improvements in the manufacturing process and ensure compatibility with modern production methods.


  • Detailed and precise measurement of the gear’s intricate geometry.
  • Ensuring the digital model maintained the exact tolerances and specifications required for high-performance functionality.
  • Rapid turnaround to meet the client’s tight project deadlines.


  • Utilized advanced 3D scanning technology to capture the gear’s detailed features and dimensions with high accuracy.
  • Employed sophisticated CAD software to create an accurate 3D model, ensuring all critical aspects of the gear’s design were meticulously replicated.
  • Conducted thorough validation and testing to verify the accuracy of the digital model against the original physical part.

Outcome: The final 3D CAD model exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a precise digital representation of the gear. This enabled seamless integration into their manufacturing workflow, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced production costs. The success of this project highlighted PeroWorx Engineering’s expertise in delivering high-quality reverse engineering solutions.

Client Feedback: “We were extremely impressed with PeroWorx Engineering’s attention to detail and professionalism. The reverse-engineered CAD model of our gear was perfect, allowing us to enhance our production process significantly. Their team was responsive, knowledgeable, and delivered on time. Highly recommended!”

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